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Let Elliot Cook – My 100 Mile Run Week

The three P’s: Always Persevere, always have a great Perspective, and always have great Purpose in your life. -Russell Wilson Due to most triathlons being cancelled or postponed in 2020, I had to step up my brainstorming skills to come up with endeavors that would motivate and challenge me. Treadmill marathon: Check. Zwift Everesting (single […]

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CoronaMan 140.6 – Stay-At-Home Edition

My mama says that stupid is as stupid does. – Forrest Gump With the race season up-in-the-air, motivation to train with purpose has been dwindling.  I’ve unlocked every Zwift cycling and running level, re-watched the entire Breaking Bad series, playing lots of FIFA and GTA, and have viewed countless Seahawks and Mariners re-runs on YouTube. […]

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Kona 2019 – Unfinished Business

I got history there and we’ve got unfinished business. -Beast Mode Professional runner Ben True has always been someone I admire and can relate to.  He claims his relationship with running is “complicated.”  Many highs and lows, ups and downs.  All through high school and college he split his time with cross-country skiing and running.  […]

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