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Becca – Queen of Fistman

Training is in full swing for Becca.  She is preparing for the Boston Marathon in April and doing her inaugural Ironman in Whistler. Becca reminds me a lot of my work ethic and willingness to be the best she can be. The progress she has made in just over a year in triathlon is incredible.  […]

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Deuces Wild 70.3: The Hunted

Rewind to last April at the Bartlett Lake Olympic triathlon-  I gapped my #1 trash talker, Adam Folts, on the bike by six minutes and he almost caught me on the 10k run.  After the near embarrassment, I really focused on my run and lost some of my baby fat. His trash talk began early and often for […]

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When It’s Game Time, It’s Pain Time!

As IM Canada (Whistler) looms, Ellie has decided to get serious. Some updates: My buddy, Russ Brandt, and I recently visited the wind tunnel at Faster in Scottsdale.  I made a few position changes, changed some of my gear, ditched the baggy clothing, and now I’m pretty much pro.  Thanks, Russ! 😉 In March, I got annihilated […]

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