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Kona 2014: Defeat

You learn more out of defeat than success, because sometimes success makes you overlook things. – Chris McCormack, 2x Ironman World Champion The highs I experienced winning my age group at Ironman Canada was surreal. I felt like I was on top of the world. I was happy and giddy for days. As an age […]

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2013 Ironman World Championship: Livin’ the Dream

Live the dream.  No matter what the day brought my top priority was to thoroughly enjoy my first trip to the Ironman World Championship. The hype and history behind this race is incredible.  Racing or spectating, it’s the place to be if you’re involved in triathlon.  The amount of excitement and happiness I felt when I […]

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Kona 2013: Celebrating with Ohana

After going beast mode in Canada and earning a coveted slot to the Ironman World Championship, I took all the pressure off myself.  All the hard work had been done. My goal was to enjoy every single moment during my first trip to the Big Island.  Kona was icing on the cake, my reward, for […]

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