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CoronaMan 140.6 – Stay-At-Home Edition

My mama says that stupid is as stupid does. – Forrest Gump With the race season up-in-the-air, motivation to train with purpose has been dwindling.  I’ve unlocked every Zwift cycling and running level, re-watched the entire Breaking Bad series, playing lots of FIFA and GTA, and have viewed countless Seahawks and Mariners re-runs on YouTube. […]

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When It’s Game Time, It’s Pain Time!

As IM Canada (Whistler) looms, Ellie has decided to get serious. Some updates: My buddy, Russ Brandt, and I recently visited the wind tunnel at Faster in Scottsdale.  I made a few position changes, changed some of my gear, ditched the baggy clothing, and now I’m pretty much pro.  Thanks, Russ! 😉 In March, I got annihilated […]

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