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Boston Marathon 2023 – All Aboard the Cook T Express

Where the marathon starts is after 30 kilometers. That’s where you feel pain everywhere in your body. The muscles are really aching, and only the most prepared and well-organized athlete is going to do well after that. -Eliud Kipchoge I last attempted to run the Boston Marathon back in 2018. I stayed with my friend, […]

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Boston Marathon 2014: #ElliotStrong

I had a lot on the line.  Days leading up to the event, the smack talk on Facebook began. The bet was placed: I’d have to evacuate from Arizona and grow a beard if I didn’t break three hours. I had to perform… or I could lose everything. Training: Preparing for the Boston Marathon was […]

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Boston Marathon 2012 – A Record Breakin’ Scorchah

The Boston Marathon… one of the most prestigious running events in the world.  I heard about all the historical features and traditions of the race:  the hills of Newton, Heart Break Hill, kissing the Wellesley girls, the scream tunnel, the CITGO sign, Fenway Park, the unbelievable crowd support, and the finishing stretch on Boylston Street.  I couldn’t […]

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