Pain-cation: Vegas/Flagstaff

Vegas training is in full swing!

Last week I treated myself to a nice little PAIN-cation away from the blistering heat in Phoenix.

First stop: Vegas!

My wolfpack grew by one.

I rode the 70.3 Worlds course.  The first 42 or so miles are beautiful! The last miles leading into Henderson… not so much.

The next day I ran a couple loops of the run course.

Near the start of 70.3 run course

My general observation of the course: awesome venue. There are very few flat sections, which will suit me well.  The bike has about 2,600 feet of climbing; the run course has just over 500 feet of elevation gain. The swim even has a steep climb towards the end. I can’t wait to race it.

It’s Vegas… I had to party a little.

Sake bombs. Yum.

The force was with me.

I didn’t want to go home, so I decided to join my friends for some training in Flagstaff.

Saturday: 100 mile ride and a hike!

I started with the Pay n’ Take group ride.  We started in downtown, and rode to Lake Mary, around Mormon Lake and back.  Then, I split off to climb Snowbowl.  Epic.

Angi was my sherpa the last few miles and she took these great shots.

Start of the Snowbowl climb
Picture by: Angi Axmann

Coach Jack
Picture by: Angi Axmann

Showing my happy face.
Picture by: Angi Axmann

More climbing.
Picture by: Angi Axmann

I made it.
Picture by: Angi Axmann

100 mile ride in the books… next up: hiking!!!

Picture by: Angi Axmann

Picture by: Angi Axmann

Trying to learn yoga.
Picture by: Angi Axmann


Sunday: I woke up to immediately see that my girl won Ironman Austria.  She rocks. Time to celebrate with an 18 mile run and swim.

Angi gave me a taste of the ginormous network of trails in Flagstaff.  This place is a triathlete’s paradise. Altitude training, hilly, endless number of roads/trails, fresh air, and a town full of hippies.  I think I’m moving.

Dropping Jack like a hot potato.
Picture by: Angi Axmann

We ran into the great Josh Terwoord on our run… in the middle of nowhere!  I finished my long run with him.

All in all, it was a pretty memorable week. The Vegas course looks challenging and fun. Flagstaff is AWESOME.

I love you Flagstaff.
Picture by: Angi Axmann

I think I’m moving so I can call myself:  Elliot, Flagstaff-Made.

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2 Comments on “Pain-cation: Vegas/Flagstaff”

  1. July 6, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    #1: you said you had a work trip, and that’s why you couldn’t watch my dogs that week! You lying sonofabitch!
    #2: angie is so hot

    • July 6, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

      🙂 Hahaha.. I had a work seminar in Vegas. For real!

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