Skirt Chaser 5k – Shorty Got Swagger

I decided to double down last Saturday– 10k in the morning and Skirt Chaser 5K in the afternoon.

I coasted in for the overall win at Susan’s Cancer 10k run at Kiwanis Park.

Time for the big event of the day: Red Rock’s Skirt Chaser 5k.  It was a beautiful, sunny day out, I got to hang out with my buddies, and there was about a 2:1 girl/guy ratio going on at this event.  Most importantly, it was LC’s birthday.  A near perfect day. I walked to the start line with swagger.

Demonstration of swagger walk:

The girls started three minutes before the guys.  In the first mile I got to pass over 800 of Tempe’s finest– lots of weaving, swerving, and running up on curbs to avoid running into the girls.  By the end of the first mile it became to clear out, and I was in 9th position among the guys.  I do most of my training runs around Tempe Town Lake so I knew this course by heart.  The biggest inclines were Curry and the small hills to get up to Curry and Mill Avenue.  I planned to make my moves on these sections of the course. I made a couple passes on the road leading up to Curry hill.

At the half way point, I ran by the ONE Multisport aid station.  I got some words of encouragement and got splashed with cold water.  Refreshing. The race began at 2 p.m. and the temperatures were in the mid/high 70s.  My heart rate was starting to skyrocket as I pushed it up Curry. I made another pass on Curry hill with 4th and 5th in sight.

ONE helpin' out.

ONE Multisport helpin’ out

With a mile to go, I believed I could catch 5th place.  I could feel myself teetering on the edge. 5k’s hurt like hell.  I was slowly reeling him in, but was quickly running out of real estate.  With a a tenth of a mile to go, I was within 20 feet of closing the gap. This gap seemed a mile away. Gassed, I finished three seconds behind 5th overall.

I crossed the line with a new personal best of 17:44. 6th/1399.

Now, time for the party to start. I quickly headed to the beer line to get some Four Peaks beers. I mingled with the ladies and I hung with friends.

Congrats to Mr. Gavin Hannaman on his first 5k.


ONE love:


Unfortunately, I was caught in the act of taking one of Dan’s infamous shirtless pictures.   I’ve gone to the dark side. Someone please save me.

Post Race

Thank you to Red Rock Company for putting on yet another awesome event! You’ve outdone yourselves once again. Also, thanks CEP Compression for the orange calf sleeves. The chicks digged them.

Next up: Phoenix Marathon, March 2nd! Stay tuned.

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2 Comments on “Skirt Chaser 5k – Shorty Got Swagger”

  1. February 18, 2013 at 3:06 pm #

    Where’s your skirt. This is bullshit.

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