Mount Rainier Duathlon – Sun’s Out Guns Out

Our inaugural PNW multisport race of the year and first multisport race as Washingtonians took place this past weekend.  We signed up last minute to avoid racing in the rain.  Sun was out and the guns were out on race day.

The South King County junkyard dogs:


Racing in a different community and on brand new courses has given me a spark in motivation. I love being “the new guy” in the crowd. I’m a nobody here and will be enjoying the new competition.  It’s weird looking at a start list and not recognizing a single name on there.

This duathlon featured a rolling 5.3 mile run, 28.8 mile bike, and 3.8 mile run.  It was deemed the USAT West Regional Duathlon Long Course Championship.  Not sure what that exactly meant because duathlon was barely a thing in Arizona, but I figured it would draw some fast local guys.

Becca and I at the the start:

Run #1 – I took a risk right off the bat and tried sticking with the lead group.  5+ miles at 5:40 pace would have been unfeasible last year.  I’m very pleased with the improvements I’ve made on my run and swim this offseason. There was a pack of four of us within 20 seconds apart from each other at the end run #1. 4th place and still in contention…


My motto for 2019:

Swim for dough, bike for show, run down the drafters and make em blow.


Bike- Oof. This leg was a different story.  I’ve taken my TT bike outside once since Ironman Canada last year. It showed. I felt uncomfortable in aero position and the entire bike just felt… awkward. I was passed twice on the bike.  Roger Thompson, one of the only friendly and social competitors I met after the race (and 9X Hawaii participant), flew past me at the end of loop #1. Another guy overtook me with about 5 miles left.  This gave me motivation to keep him in sight and chase him down on the run.

Becca and I cresting the Mud mountain climb:

Run #2 – a shortened version of Run #1.  I quickly regained 5th overall in the first mile and cruised the rest of the way.


Overall, I’m pleased with my performance at this race.  Transitions and bike need the most work, but I’ll be the first one to admit short-course racing just isn’t my style.  I enjoy the mental toughness, strategy, and style of 140.6 racing the most.

I finished 5th overall in a time of 2:17:11. Top 5 were from all over… Portland, Idaho, Spokane, Sedro-Wooley and the Auburn junkyard dawg.

Just a note to other participants in endurance sports… please don’t take yourself too seriously.  Outside of this sport nobody knows who are you are. It’s okay to talk and be friendly to each other besides the teammates on your cliquey teams… and frankly it’s a hobby for 99.9% of us. Chill out, compete, and enjoy this amazing sport.


In other news…

Becca dominated the women’s field in a commanding victory.  Soon she will be giving me a run for my money… Great job my Boo.

Dan the Man Benoit also raced his first duathlon ever and placed 3rd in his age group! His competition was lucky there was no swim involved at this race.  Very well done my friend.

Next up… Victoria 70.3!


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