Ironman AZ 2012 – ‘C’ Stands for Champion

With Ironman AZ fast approaching I needed to do something epic to help Linsey Corbin get a win on my home turf.  I could cheer as loud as possible , but something extra was needed.  I needed to go above and beyond the call of spectator duties.  My friends Kris, Mindy, and Angi held a formal meeting at Tempe Beach park to brainstorm our secret, highly-intense, mind-blowing spectator tactics.

First off, an autographed ninja headband.

Linsey’s warrior super fan for life

Kris asked me: “What are some random/unique facts you know about Linsey?”

I compiled a list:

  • She likes Sesame Street.
  • She has a dog named Madison.
  • She doesn’t like bananas.
  • She lost eight toenails in her first Ironman.
  • She has dreams of winning gold as a ski racer.
  • She likes the song Imma Bee.
  • She lives in Missoula, the Garden City.
  • She likes Moose Drool.
  • She has a man cave.

From there, we went to Party City.

Saturday morning, Linsey sent me an email asking if I wanted to hand off her cowboy hat.  I started shaking and sweating with excitement. It was an early Christmas miracle.

We chalked up Curry Hill late at night.

Race day:

I love spectating at Arizona.  I always know tons of people racing.  This year was no different.   Being in the sport for several years, I knew the names of many local triathletes.  Although Linsey was my top mission, I cheered for everyone I knew.

I went running to the lake with my friend Dean in the morning.  I saw the first glimpse of Linsey, coming out of the water, sportin’ the red.  Laaaaady in red!

The lean, mean Corbinator

Watching the professional race unfold was incredible.  The strategies used, the rapidly changing time gaps, the insanely fast splits… I love it all.

As soon as Linsey got off the bike, it was all business for me.  Nine minutes down from MBK.  She was gonna win this thing. I was going to do everything in my power to make it happen.

Ninja headbands on.

Beginning the run– “I LOVE YOU LINSEY!!! SHAKE AND BAKE!!!”

Screaming for my Montana babe

Now introducing… cookie monster.

Cookie monster love Corbin. Nom nom nom!!

Cookie monster was a huge hit. There were tons of random photo shoots with spectators throughout the day.  We chased Linsey down Mill bridge.


After the first lap, she cut down the lead to under 7 minutes!

Next up: the artwork up Curry hill.

“Elliot <3’s Linsey”

A message from her dog in Missoula.

“What does C stand for? ‘C’ if for CHAMPION. ‘C’ is for CORBIN. ‘C’ is for COOOKIES!”

LC told me after the race this was her favorite. Kudos to Kris.

Practicing my inner Zen

Enough already???  It gets better.

I got extra manpower…

Three ninjas

The seductive, Asian cowboy pose… blowing kisses to his babe.

Confessing my love

Hopefully this showed up on Ironman Live

By the second lap LC trimmed the lead to under 3 minutes!!!

We got a smile!

Beginning the final lap, LC was only 2:15 down on the the leader. She’s got this!

Soon, her Twitter feed says she’s taken the lead.

The grand finale

I get goosebumps still just thinking about it.  I met up with Chris and Linsey’s parents, and they hand me the cowboy hat. I was in heaven.

I quickly changed into a Kona-inspired Hawaiian warrior costume.

I was trying to imitate this:

Several race photographers came over to take pictures of the crazy Hawaiian cookie monster dude with Linsey’s hat.

I was tweeted by Linsey (Chris):

And here comes the champ…

The hand-off:

Chasing Linsey:


We meet again.

Linsey’s first words to me:

Elliot, you are awesome!! And kinda creepy.

Ninja please.

Linsey is crowned the new Arizona champion! As captain of the LC-Superfan squad, I may have to retire from hardcore spectator duties. I don’t know how we can possibly top this.

If anyone needs help winning, please contact Elliot to make your dreams come true.

Afterward, I volunteered at the ONE Multisport aid station for the late night finishers.This was truly inspirational.

In a post race interview, Linsey said:

The crowd support at this race is the best of any Ironman I’ve done.

Mission accomplished.

See ya next year LC…

Over and out.


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3 Comments on “Ironman AZ 2012 – ‘C’ Stands for Champion”

  1. November 20, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    1. eww
    2. She has a the hat just before she finishes. Then she is holding the tape up with no hat to be seen. Finally she’s got the hat again? I call Shenanigans!

  2. teri
    November 20, 2012 at 11:29 am #

    Elliot you are just as crazy as ever! This sets a new standard of stalkery!!

  3. Tricia G
    November 21, 2012 at 12:51 am #

    Elliot this was AWESOME!!!

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