Snickers Half Marathon – Kim 2nd AG!

Juggling a busy family and work life and training for an Ironman can be very daunting.  However, it can be done with success with the proper training and periodization throughout the year. Kim has managed to train very effectively, while still being an amazing mother and wife (her husband is also a hardcore Ironman triathlete!).

Training in the pain cave:


When I first began coaching Kim, I highly stressed the quality over quantity aspect of training.  While her overall volume isn’t insane, all of the workout have a very specific purpose and she follows them precisely.  Mostly importantly, she communicates very well and offers feedback regularly.  We are always on the same page and she constantly keeps me updated with family trips, nagging aches and pains, and training notes.  This has been a key to her improvement and success.

With IM Texas fast approaching, Kim decided to race the Snickers Half Marathon to test out her running legs. Kim is a very well-rounded athlete; she has 11 years of competitive swim experience and is a solid cyclist and runner. However, she has had injury issues in past which has impacted her training.  Our key focus has been to train as consistently as possible and avoid injury at all costs!

Despite her heavier workload with IM Texas approaching, Kim set a personal best at her half marathon this past weekend and took 2nd in her age group!  She took some risks early on by starting a bit fast, but innately told herself to back off a bit in the middle miles.  Her pacing was super consistent throughout the entire race and saved enough energy to surge a bit at the end.

Kim doing work!

Kim Half Marathon.png

Great running Kim!

Even more impressive is she followed her coach’s orders and rode in her pain cave for four hours the next day (I actually only gave her 3 hours, so she did a bit of extra credit).  Gotta love Ironman training.


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