YMCA Sprint – Jeffrey’s First OA Win!

Jeffrey has been one of my most loyal, dedicated clients for the past several years.  Like any veteran of this sport, he has experienced the highs and lows of triathlon.  He has persevered through injuries, sicknesses, races that did not meet his expectations, and a hectic work and family schedule… yet still finds the time to train on a consistent basis. He has proven time and time again, if you are passionate and dedicated toward something you can make the time for it.  Kudos to you Jeffrey!

Jeffrey recently had to back out of a big race due to a nagging injury.  I could sense his frustration and he was contemplating taking a break from triathlon.  With the help of me and his wife, we quickly talked him out of his video gaming hobby shenanigans.

Making a quick comeback, he decided to do the local YMCA Tri Family sprint race with his son this past weekend.  His main focus was to enjoy time with his son and have fun.


Jax holding off his dad for as long as possible!

Although his son crushed him out of the water, Jeffrey put the hammer down on the bike and had one of the fastest bike splits of the day.


Due to the staggered swim start and his son starting before him, they ended up in T2 at the same time!  As they left transition, his son yells at him, “Let’s rock this!”  This was his son’s first triathlon racing completely solo and he had a great time placing 1st in his age group.  Congrats Jax!


Jax flying on the run!

There were timing issues at the end of the race, but the next day Jeffrey found out he was the overall winner in the sprint!  Who knew setting zero expectations, having fun, and enjoying time with his son could result in his first overall win?!  I keep reminding Jeffrey that we often times (myself included) take this sport way too seriously and often times overlook the fun aspect of it.

At the end of the day, the people who persevere in this sport treat triathlon as a lifestyle and make it fun.  It should be everyones goals to be physically fit for the rest of their lives and triathlon is a great sport to do this.   And, as Jeffrey learned, having fun often times bring out our best performances.  Congrats on the win JG!

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One Comment on “YMCA Sprint – Jeffrey’s First OA Win!”

  1. Bobby Wein
    March 23, 2018 at 8:00 am #

    JAX really is flyin!

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